Developing Leaders & Empowering Underrepresented Communities 


Our Purpose:

IMPACT Leadership is designed to not only inspire, but build participants' understanding of their roles as leaders in Tennessee's Upper Cumberland area. IMPACT introduces specific topics to provide awareness on the scope,  structures,  strategies, and the interrelations of the departments that constitute the fabric of our community.


Our Mission:

IMPACT Leadership develops & encourages civic minded leaders from underrepresented populations of our society to actively serve the betterment of the community and affect positive social change.


Our Goal:

The goal of IMPACT Leadership is to engage underrepresented Communities of the Upper Cumberland's population; to provide participants  with an overview of the composition of our community; develop and promote participants growth and achievement of their empowered potential; to provide board training and leadership development; and to enhance the general welfare of the Upper Cumberland by giving voice to underrepresented or disenfranchised peoples.



IMPACT Leadership incorporates all levels of municipal structure and strategies, which includes: education,  health care,  business,  for/non profit banking,  planning,  and street expansion,  local and state government,  law enforcement,  sports, parks and recreation, property acquisition, population growth and demographics, waste and water treatment, and all the arts and performing arts that comprise a community and the interrelationship of all these aspects and departments.



Participants demonstrate improved teamwork with increased job satisfaction 

  • increase their effectiveness at their place of work because of clearer community vision

  • increase significance, satisfaction, and growth to become better leaders 

  • understand the complexity of Leadership

  • increased listening and communication skills

  • better negotiation skills and much more!