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Alma K Mendez Tronco

Buyer at Ficosa North America


Alma Mendez Tronco is from Mexico and is a graduate from ITESM, located in Monterrey, Mexico. Her degree is in Industrial Engineering.

Ms. Mendez comes to Cookeville with a vast networking of international experiences and is currently working in the United States as a buyer for Ficosa North America.

She has been with Ficosa in this capacity since 2013 and manages seven million in MRO purchases. While in Mexico, her professional career spanned a breadth of experiences in major companies such as Neoris (Top IT Consulting), LEGO and Home Depot Corporate in Monterrey, Mexico.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Alma recognizes the values of multi-cultural diversity and encourages cross-cultural understanding both in her career and with her family. While spanning the globe for work, pleasure and family reunions, Alma is a professional in her own right who, along with her husband, Antonio Ibanez, COO of Ficosa, Cookeville, TN. have brought Ficosa into community efforts. Together their educational backgrounds, cultural experiences, and technical knowledge have contributed to a dynamic operational success.

In her personal life, Alma is a mother of three –Diego, five years old, and Andres, three years old, and Ximena one years old. While she loves travelling, reading and spend time with her family, Ms. Mendez is very civic minded and expresses concerns about distributive justice, equality and care for the under- represented Hispanic communities of the Upper Cumberland area. Her passion to foster the opportunities for others less fortunate to achieve a quality measure of life is a meaningful and purposeful. It drive her to ask the hard questions of our politicians and policies where she demonstrates her passion for distributive justice and hopes to gain insight into ways she can affect change.

Because Alma seeks to be involved and actively address some of the needs for people less fortunate, especially the children, she joined IMPACT Leadership in 2016 to know more about the community, networking resources and to enrich her own leadership skills. Still active with IMPACT Leadership, Alma joins Antonio in the Building Bridges program on June 7, at American Bank and Trust, from 5:30-7:30 in an effort to be accessible as a Cookeville neighbor.